The horror of Room 33…

My first produced screenplay was Room 33, a low-budget horror film directed by experienced TV director Eddie Barbini. (We share writing credits on the film.)

Allie’s a little depressed, her friend Chad’s in love. In the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest they crash their car swerving to avoid something on the road. Sarah, Stuart, Barbie, Nelson and Natasha are part of a tough roller derby team taking a shortcut to a big match. They pick up Allie and Chad in their van. No worries, they’re headed for civilization. But the road unexpectedly comes to a dead end. They find an old driveway. An abandoned hospital. Their van nearly out of gas, they decide to seek shelter. That’s a mistake. Because Roxy’s in the hospital. And Roxy is trouble. She’s the product of Room 33.

Set in the dark woods of the Pacific Northwest and an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the film stars hot young actors Austin Highsmith as Allie, Nina Hauser as Sarah, Chad Collins as Chad, Kim Manning as Barbie, Adam Key as Stuart, Dee Kevin Ace Gibson as Nelson, and Olivia Leigh as the tortured Roxy.

Trivia Note: I am in this trailer as an actor. See if you can find me. Clue: Think evil doctor.

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