A U.S. Marine lives through hell and then comes home to a different kind of hell

What if a U.S. Marine, missing in action in Vietnam, emerges after hiding out for over 30 years­—an emaciated, changed man whose appearance causes a worldwide sensation?

 And what if a wildly celebratory and grateful America sends the veteran around the country to reconnect with his lost loved ones and prop up an administration deviled by its own war?

What if the America he sees, though, isn’t the America his countrymen see? What if, wandering through the ruins of his former life, he begins to criticize the materialism and urge to war that he sees all around him? What if he makes enigmatic, prophetic speeches about the future that reveal a vision of a more spiritual and happy nation? What if he becomes a messianic figure, drawing tens of thousands of passionate followers to speeches from Arizona to Texas, from California to Rhode Island?

 This is the story of Daniel Bloodworth, the insightful war hero who returns to America and reminds her what her real dreams were and could be again in the mainstream, political novel called Archipelago. The title refers to the metaphoric path that Americans will have to follow in order to complete their own projected destiny of renewal and fulfillment.

Call it self-help for a nation.



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